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New Roleplay Thinggy
So, here's a new thinggy I'm gonna try. Anyone can join in if they want. Keep your posts to separate threads, though.

Okay, here it goes:

You are a free-wandering soul, roaming the world over in search of a powerful Item. One that is said to have power over the very cosmos itself. Many have tried and failed, but despite that, you're bound and determined to find it.

Hearing rumors of someone who went in search of said item and returned, you began to seek them out. You hear from the person who told you the information that they're in the next town. Starting out at dawn, you make your trek towards the next town. It takes you through a dangerous mountain path that is known for bandits as well as for its steep edges and cliffs.

You come to a pass with roads forking in three directions. The sign was scratched out long ago--obviously the work of the bandits that lived in this area. Your map is no help since it doesn't show an in-depth look at the mountain trails.

Which way will you go?


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