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SOOOO I LIVE. Anyway, I wrote new smut! Well, it's old smut sorta since it was an old story, but the smut part in it is new! 8DDDD RikuRoku, yo. Check it out here: And I shall soon be posting it on the comm. I'm too lazy right now.


At least it gives me an excuse to write Laguna/Squall

THAT ASIDE.... >_>;; I'mreplayingKingdomHeartsandomfgIthinkIfellinlovealloveragain. *dies*

Speaking of, I've not even beaten 358/2 Days or RE:Coded. OR Birth By Sleep, for that matter... I'm too damn lazy. Oh, man.... I need to get caught back up... *facepalms*

ON THE OTHER HAND... Rochelle got me into FFIII again and now I'm writing a Ingus/Luneth fic... *dies* And I'm working on my Naruto stories slowly but surely... AND DEAR GOD I NEED TO MAKE MORE ICONS AGAIN. X___X;;; *dies*

I also need to finish writing my Axiku and my MaruRoku and my SaiRoku stories... Damn me.

Jeez... I feel so behind in all of this. WHERE HAS MY INSANITY GONE?!?! DDDD8;; *cries*

Well, I'll catch up!



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